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Professional Photography

Look Your Best!

At your session, we want you to feel as beautiful as ever, allowing your confidence to shine through.  Here are some tips for applying makeup and choosing clothing that will enhance your natural beauty in a way that photographs flawlessly.

Makeup and clothing look different in person than it does on camera. Keeping the following in mind can help ensure you’re prepared for your portraits.  
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What is a Master of Photographic Arts?

In order to achieve this award of "Master of Photographic Arts", one must enter professional competitions on a regular basis and have the prints juried by their peers.

If they are accepted by the jury the photographer is awarded points towards the designation.

Once the photographer reaches 50 print points and 30 service points they are then deemed a Master of Photographic Arts. Service points are acquired by holding office in the photographic association over a period of years, promoting professional photography and upgrading your skills.

Business, Family & Special Themes

Head Shots

Never underestimate the power of a good business portrait. A snapshot on a compact camera taken by a co-worker just doesn’t work. In this age of social media and internet your image is more important than ever. A good business portrait can show trust, confidence and approachability. These are all key factors that people want to see when doing business.

Character Studies

Character studies are portraits that explore the subjects soul. Lighting the subject is paramount to creating the mood and feel of these classic portraits. The results have a timeless quality and epitomizes the character of the subject. Be prepared to take the time to create this work of art.

Pro Tip

Not sure if you need to update your business portrait? The general rule is if you've changed your look, if your website has a new look or if your current portrait is more than two years old, it's time to come see us for a new portrait.

Studio Portraits

Our studio sessions are ideal for up to 10 family members. The goal is to capture a moment in time where your family is enjoying being together and each face has a positive energetic expression. My experience as a portrait photographer for over 40 years will make the session a pleasant experience and will create an image that will last for generations.

Young Families

We love helping young families to celebrate their newborns or toddlers with a beautiful portrait. Some believe that smartphone selfies are good enough, but nothing says "Proud of My Family" more than a professional portrait.

Family portraits are the most important, yet the least likely to be scheduled. Why?

Unlike a wedding, or a new baby, there's no particular compelling time in which it has to be scheduled. So it's easy to put off until later...but more often than not, later never comes, or worse, it comes too late! I can't tell you how many people have expressed their regret for not getting around to it, only to have something happen that makes it impossible to ever capture the family as it existed. Don't let the "I wish I had" and the "I never got around to it" regrets happen to you. Another reason to get that family portrait done is separation. Our families have grown and some members are moving away. They are no longer a few miles from home. So getting together, doesn't happen as often. Who knows when the next opportunity will be to capture everyone together? We can provide a constant presence of your family even if separated by miles. You have to decide that the time is now. But for the rest of your life you will be glad you did.

Diva Girl

This two hour party is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday for girls aged 8 to 12. The photographer will teach the girls about posing like a model. The girls are photographed individually and in groups then the images are put onto a slideshow for the girls to enjoy while opening presents and eating cake. Each girl will leave with a 5x7 print of herself. the birthday girl gets a 5x7 print of herself along with a group portrait. The birthday girl may purchase a DVD of the slideshow. Maximum 8 girls. Small snacks and drinks are allowed, must be provided by the host. We ask that the host bring some props and accessories to brighten up the photoshoot, such as balloons.

Glamour Girl

Perfect for young ladies aged over 13. Get the girls together for a fun afternoon of glamour portraits. Everyone leaves with an 8x10 comp card and frame (includes 4 pictures). These parties are limited to 8 people. Who says Glamour Girls is just for kids? What about a girls' night out? Our studio is yours for up to 2 hours. Have a themed party, a casual or glamour shoot - it's completely up to you! Call us for details on how we can help you put together a great night out with friends. Wine can be brought in to "lighten the mood."

Booking Your Diva Day

When planning your photoshoot, the sky's the limit! Certain weekend spots and PD days book fast. Be sure to call to book your spot early. A non refundable deposit is required to hold your specific date and time. Want to change it up? Themed photoshoots are a great time and bringing a change of clothes or props are a great way to make your photoshoot even better!

Here are some items you should bring along:

  • Your favourite Music on CD
  • Don't worry, our sound system can handle it... your favourite songs are sure to bring the studio alive.
Enchanted Forest Fairy Days

These sessions are an amazing experience for the young child ages 4 to 9. When she puts on the wings and the costume she is transformed to a world of imagination. A beautiful and long lasting memory for her. For the parents or grandparents, the photographs are memories of a special time in the young girls age of innocence. Pieces of Art that last forever on you walls with your child/grandchild as the main subject. We have the props and the wings, you bring the magic. We recommend the girl wears a bodysuit that is a solid colour and preferably not skin toned. Sisters are welcomed and we can photograph them together and separately

* The session takes approximated 30 to 45 minutes. It is important to note that the youngest we will photograph is 4 years of age.

*extra charges may apply

Our next Enchanted Forest Fairy Days is TBA

Your Investment: $99 includes session and two 5x7 prints.

Want your own Enchanted Forest Fairy Day? Call for details

Farm Boy Days

Our answer to the Fairy Days for young boys is Farm Boy Days. These sessions bring out the little boy in your child. The boys enjoy pretending to catch a fish in the pond that is created on the Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Fin theme. The images capture the age of innocence in your child while retaining his mischievous side. The prints have an artistic flair that will last on your walls for years. We have the jeans & shirts, you bring the magic. If you have clothing that you prefer by all means bring it along. Brothers are welcome and we can photograph them together and separate.

* We recommend that the child be 4 years of age and older for best results. The sessions usually sell out so call early for best times.

* Extra charges may apply

Our next Farm Boy Day is TBA

Your Investment: $99 includes session and two 5x7 prints.

Want your own Farm Boy Day? Call for details.

Dog Days

We have a love for Dogs and other pets here at Primary Foto Source. In fact, we have been photographing pets for years with great results, because the pet knows we love them. Most pets owners know that taking pictures of their pet can be challenging, mainly because fur doesn't reflect light very well. Our photographers have the expertise to get all the nuances of your pet recorded. We have the patience it requires to settle the friendliest pet down and bring out their personality to record for posterity. A photograph of your pet at different stages can result in a great collection, to be enjoyed for years. Why wait until it's too late.

Our Next Event is TBA

Your Investment: $30 and a bag of dog food which will be donated to the Humane Society. If you choose to order prints from the session we have a special reduced price list from which you can order. Our Dog Days are very popular and always sell out, space is limited, we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.