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Taking a different approach, we thought small private classes would be a way for those that want the attention of the instructor on demand, rather than a large classroom setting.  With that in mind we are offering instruction for up to three people in a class. If you want your own private class you can do that as well.

The classes are tailored for you. After a conversation with the instructor, he will gauge your level of knowledge and instruct accordingly. Adding to your knowledge base is the goal, but not to overwhelm you with information you can’t implement.

Classes are usually one hour in length so that the information by the instructor can be absorbed and used. One class may be all you need on a subject, but you can come back and get more instruction if questions arise or you feel ready for the next level. Call 345-7041 to make your appointment.

All Classes

Learn Your Digital Camera

$35/hour up to 3 people (same camera)

Whether it’s a point an shoot or a professional SLR, we can help you get more from you camera. For the point and shoot owners, a “brush up” is all you may need.  If you are going on a big trip or to a special function and want to make sure you have good grasp of you camera we can teach specifically for those events. Your point and shoot camera has many built in features that when explained makes picture taking fun and enjoyable. For the SLR owners, getting those images with the blurred background, or stop action photographs, we can help there too. We explain the pyramid of exposure ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, and use these as creative levers to make your images “Pop”.  Many specific features are hidden away in those SLR’s and we can unlock them to your advantage.


$35/hour – add $10/hour per person

If you would like to know about composition, we can teach you the fundamentals. With this class if you are a budding wildlife photographer or scenics are your forte, this class can give you tips that will change the way you look through your camera. Your photographs will be a cut above what you have now. The class will include analyzing your existing photographs so you can see where to improve.

Studio Portraiture

$45/hour per person – add $10/hour per person

Learn from an instructor with over 37 years of experience and Nationally Accredited! Once again the instructor will assess your level of knowledge and teach to add to your knowledge base. You will be learning in our studio and we will simulate the lights that you may have at home. If you have only one light or two lights we can teach you how to use them to your best advantage. Bring your own camera to be able to take home your images. Getting the most out of your subject is taught (people skills) as well as technical knowledge about the gear required.undefined.


$45 per hour per person

This word has become synonymous with photography. Some would say in a bad way, but we would say in a good way.

Nothing replaces a good photograph properly exposed and nicely lit. But reality can creep in and just one little thing can ruin a photograph, a branch, a person in the background.  This is where photoshop can save the day. The instructor will assess your knowledge of the program and then augment it.  When learning photoshop, it is always advised to be project oriented, meaning; have a project you want to do, and by doing it with the instructor, you will learn the tools to make it happen. Once the tools are learned, they can be applied to many different projects.


This software by Adobe is the gold standard for both professional and amateur photographers today. The software was designed by photographers, for photographers. The main modules help you “Post Process” your images to jump off the page, but more than that, it has a Library module that keeps track of your thousands of images.

By learning this software, it will make you a better photographer. The develop module has a cropping tool that will help you with your composition. Not sure about good composition, the next class can analyze your images through the use of Lightroom.

Camera to Print

$45 per hour per person

This class will take your image, do the post processing, prepare the image for the printer and make the print. We will show you all the steps required and recommend the printer that is right for your application or research the printer you already have to get the most out of it.