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What's Old is New Again!

Remember when you had to wait to see your pictures until you pulled the prints out of an envelop days after capturing them?  If you were born before 1990, you know what we mean. In today's world, what's old is new again!  Apparently this is true in both fashion and photography. Film cameras and prints from film are experiencing a resurgence thanks to hipsters and vintage camera buffs.  Call it a revival; call it a comeback just know that we got our start in film processing and we're here to turn those beautiful analog shots into prints that last a lifetime.  We take in film processing as well as negatives for reprinting.  Then we send them to and associate fotosource store in a more populated area that has enough volume to run a film processing machine.

Because of this, it can take up to 4 weeks to process. High shipping costs prevent us from sending out rolls of film for processing one at a time, so we collect them to keep your costs low. The quality of processing is excellent.

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Film Makes A comeback

Film in a digital world seems like an oxymoron. In fact, there are good reasons that film having a resurgence.  The millennial generation is getting older and are finding out about film, the way it was, so to speak.  Their parents or grandparents have old film cameras hanging around and this raises their curiosity.  It has become a novelty.  It is a niche market that has it's short comings.

Here's why, and what to expect if you get the urge to go back in time.

1) gone are the days of one hour photofinishing.  (Possible, if you live in large metropolitan centres.)

2) prepare to wait up to 6 weeks for processing the film if you live in smaller communities.  They can't support low volume film processing and must send it to the larger centres for processing.

3) Shipping one roll of film to a central lab costs the same as sending twenty rolls of film, so be prepared to wait or pay extra.

4) All images will be printed unless otherwise stated and you will have the option of having the film digitized if so desired, which, to me, is a long way around to get the same thing a digital camera produces.

5) The costs have escalated.  Film costs much more now than in the good old days.

Summary: Even with cars and buses, people still ride horses, you can buy cookies at the grocery store very inexpensively, but people still bake them at home, so why not take pictures with film? It has that old time feel.

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