Frequently Asked Questions


Can you print the photos on my phone?

The number one question we hear is, "Can you print the photos from my phone?"  Yes.  We provide kiosks in the store which provide a convenient connection, either wireless, or you can use the cable that came wth your device, to transfer the images from your phone.

Mobile phones like iPhones, Samsung's, Huawai, iPad, Galaxy, tablets, and laptops, as well as external Hard Disk Drives are all compatible with the kiosk system to print your photos.  There are a few limitations including the total number of images being transferred in one session - which is limited to 2,000 files.  If you have more than that many, check with us before you begin.  A helpful tip is to divide your photos on your device into folders to help you when you're ready to print, it will save you some time.

We also provide a free app for both apple and android so that you can print from the comfort of home.  Look for 'Foto Depot' on the app store, or "uploadtokiosk" on google play store.

Can you copy this old photo I have?

Scanning and reproducing photos is one of our specialty services.  Photos & prints up to 11x17 are scanned on our high resolution scanning system, while slides are scanned in our lab and larger artwork and images are 'scanned' or rather - photographed in our professional studio.

Can you restore this faded photo?

Restoration services are provided in house and also out sourced depending on the severity and complexity of the restoration.  Completely faded or color missing from a photo can for the most part, be repaired and restored quite nicely.

Can you remove this person from this photo?

Photo cropping and stitching, photoshopping, colour matching, exposure adjustments, and a multitude of photographic image editing tools are used to help you get the most out of the images you are working with.

Can you take the photos off my phone?

Our digital transfer services are state of the art technologies using a variety of operating systems are used to help you archive your memories and treasured files. 

Do you develop film and negatives?

We partner with an affiliate store for developing negatives and film.  The turn around time is approximately two weeks because we consolidate our orders to ensure we are maximizing the shipping cost savings for our  customers.  If you need a rush service, please let us know.