Preserve Your Heritage

Transfer Your Images Before It's Too Late

You lovingly recorded every birthday, dance recital and holiday.  Now those images are sitting on film or tape, but did you know that they are deteriorating with each passing year!  

Transferring your images and videos will bring you peace of mind as well as joy, as you relive your past, and ensure your memories will last for future generations to enjoy.   Image the joy you'll get from downsizing and sharing your history with your children.  Push those memories into the future for other generations to cherish.  

Converting Films and Videos to DVD and MP4

Videos to DVD  

These include:

  • VHS Tapes
  • Hi8
  • Mini DV
  • Regular and Super 8 film
  • 16 mm film 

The video transfer can be written to a DVD in DVD format to play in a DVD player or the transfer can be made into an MP4 file*  that is editable.

We can produce both for additional charges. 

Your valuable originals never leave Thunder Bay or our store.


An MP4 file is a compressed video file that is editable in most video editing software programs.  

We deliver the file on a DVD disk for archival storage, but it cannot be played in a DVD player.  It is copied to your computer hard drive and then can be played through the computer's media player.  It can also be played on a Smart TV with the use of a USB Key.

Converting Slides and Prints to Digital Images

Primary Foto Source provides scanning of photographic images to reduce clutter and allow people to share treasures of the past.
Many of our clients are scanning important images and putting them on CD or DVD.  Some of our clients are scanning their entire photo albums or selected photographs from their photo albums and giving their children copies.  This is a great gift and ensures the images will be passed to the next generation.  

Whether you have slides or prints, we can scan those precious images to give to your children.

We provide slide scanning and print scanning services and have pricing that will reduce the cost per scan. The larger the volume of prints or slides, the lower the price per scan.


Give Your Old Photos a New Look

Do you have a special portrait that is faded, has stains, mold or scratches on it?  All is not lost!  We provide restoration services that will bring your old damaged/faded photograph back to life, to enjoy for generations.  Your photograph never leaves our store so you can rest assured your valuable original is in safe, caring hands. 



Audio tape conversion

We also convert audio casettes to digital format.  Bring in your old casettes to get those files in your playlists.

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Cassette tapes are converted to MP3 format and can be used in a computer, mobile device with audio playback and MP3 players.

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pro tip:


While USB keys are a great tool for transporting and storing files and images, the USB key is not designed for long term storage. The key requires a charge to make sure the information stays put. If it is forgotten in a drawer for a long period of time, the charge may leak off and the data could be corrupted. You may wish to back up the key on a hard drive.